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This website is dedicated to provide Xender Download official links for Android, iPhone as well as Windows PC. Free Download Xender App as it is really amazing mobile app which allows file transfer between all type of devices including PC & Mac

You can even download Xender APK Android file, please keep on reading to know how to easily get Xender Free Download.

Xender App is one of the best way to transfer or send/receive files between smartphones and it is officially available for Android as well as iPhone and recently this app got new release i.e Xender for PC or Web, with the help of this feature users will be able to transfer files between phone and computer almost instantly. This makes it All in one file transfer and sharing app for users.

This complete website is dedicated for providing guides and proper links to Download Xender app on Android, iPhone as well as Windows PC. Xender Download is available below, please keep on reading.

xender download

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The new Xender Connect PC feature is so amazing that it will transfer all the things which you need between your smartphone and computer (on Windows, Mac as well as Chromebook) without any issue.

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Download Xender App for Android :

In this section we are going to provide you Xender download link for Android Smartphone which includes Samsung, Micromax, Gionee, HTC, Lava, Moto as well as Sony.

This app is available for all the Android Smartphone, all you need to do is to follow the below given link which will take you to the official link of the app.

Xender for Android Download

Features :

Xender File Transfer App is able to transfer and receive any type of file user wants like documents, videos, images, music, audio and even apps in matter of seconds and with few taps.

It allows super fast connection between Android devices, with Android and iPhone smartphones and with phone & computer.Xender Android Download

Xender for PC Download – Windows 7/8 Computer & Mac :

You will feel really happy to know that Xender App for PC is available which will make it really easy to comfortable for users to connect the smartphone with PC and transfer files instantly with each other without the need of any cable wires and such things which consumes hell lot of times.

Please refer this link to know how to download Xender for PC (Step-by-step guide with screenshots)

Features :

Gone are the days when you used to send files over bluetooth or cable wires, its the generation of fast file transfer and getting Xender Download will make it possible now very easily.

Forget those bulky software and programs because downloading Xender is really smooth as it is really lightweight app which helps you to connect your Android or iPhone with computer easily.

Xender for PC Download

Xender for iPhone Download (iOS version) :

Yes, this is universal app which is available even for iPhone, this makes Xender superior in front of other file sharing app as they don’t have any feature of connecting Android to iPhone and vice versa. But with this app you will be able to connect iPhone to iPhone connection also and with Android Smartphones also without any issue.

Please refer to this link which has complete details and downloading link to get Xender for iPhone

Download Xender for iPhone

Download Xender APK (Android) Latest :

If you really want to get Xender APK Download then you are in correct section as here you will be able to get what you want.

Xender APK Android App file is the original source app with the help of which you will be able to install this app in your Android smartphone without going to Google Play Store.

Link, I have Micromax Unite 2 smartphone which has very low internal memory and if I try to download any important app from Google Play Store then it always shows insufficient internal storage error even though my phone has 32GB external storage SD card. I know that such type of incident happens with you too, so what’s the solution? Simple, just get APK file of that Android app and install directly into your external SD card. Hence you need to download Xender APK.

How to use Xender App & Install it?

Friends, this section will give complete details on how to easily install this app on your smartphone and use it so that you can easily share the files with your friends’ mobile phone from your device.

  1. First of all you will need to download this app from the above links
  2. After that install the app and open it.
  3. You will see the red button on right side bottom, just click on that.
  4. Now click on “Create Group” and the app will take 5 sec with get ready.
  5. After that your friend will require to click on “Search Group”
  6. He needs to select the group which you created in 4th step.
  7. Congrats, both the devices are now connected now start sharing files instantly.

Note : I insist you to always use this app over Wifi otherwise you will end up burning your mobile data.

If you want to get all the above mentioned steps with screenshots and minute details then please follow this link which describes how to use Xender App.

Gionee Xender Download:

You will be really surprised to know that Gionee smartphone users are really lucky because they have got special customized Gionee Xender app which is specially created by the developers for Gionee users so that they can enjoy file sharing feature with friends and family.

You need to follow the below given link in order to know how to easily get Gionee Xender Download.

So friends, I think you really enjoyed this website and its guide which helps users to download Xender App for all the platforms like Android, iPhone, PC as well as Web. If you have any problem or issue with any of the above section then please comment below and let us know about it so that we can help you to solve that problem.

Please keep on visiting this website as we update it frequently so that you can always get the latest Xender Download app.